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Galleries // 2016 Spark:Spring Concept // Watermade Nautical Knife

Watermade Nautical Knife

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Björn Becker
Design Type: student concept
Company / Organization / School: University of Arts Braunschweig

Capsizing in strong, breaking hardware or fittings, getting tangled in ropes... to name just a few dangerous situations in sailing. This innovative safety knife redefines the nautical knife and is important to safe crew and boat. Tailored to the demands of modern sailing and safety. Due to the one-handed operation you have always one hand left to secure yourself. All the materials are salt water resistant and often used in boatbuilding: stainless steel, teak, rubber. They guarantee a long lifetime product.The knife's simple and clever construction allows mounting the single spring element -which is replacing 3 single parts like on usual pocket knives- without a single screw. The extensive research discovered that the most important tool of a nautical knife is... the shackle opener! And this is also the tool often needed in dangerous situations. So i decided to redefine the nautical knife completely. It is no longer a modified swiss army knife with some tools added. Now it is completely tailored to the demands of sailing, yachting and seamanship: The shackle opener in the centre, new knife-blade designed for cutting ropes safer without a cut pad like it is usual on board and a thorn to open knots.