2016 Galleries

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Double Door

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Kinam Hwang
Design Type: Home appliance
Company / Organization / School: Hoseo University
Team Members: Sungchoon Ha, Rakjun Ju, Bomi Park & Kunhyung Kim

Front loader and top loader washing machines have their own pros and cons. However, both of them require you to strain your body - whether you have to bend your knees or lift your heels - in order to take clean laundry out after washing. In addition to traditional top loader’s top lid, we added a flexible drum tilting function which allows you to take out clean laundry at easy 35 degree angle. And it’s not just the drum, lid and control pad on the washing machine are also designed to face you at the most comfortable 35 degree angle for your convenience.