2016 Galleries

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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Yves Behar - Principal Designer
Design Type: Brand Identity
Company / Organization / School: ORI
Website: http://fuseproject.com
Team Members: Kristine Arth, Logan Ray, Christina Park, Guy Noren

Ori, the company name we selected, comes from the Japanese word ‘origami’ meaning ‘to fold,’ an appropriate connection to the brand’s mission. Every element such as the logo, app interface and furniture design was designed to represent a sense of playful and elegant origami, a seamless intertwining of shapes. The animated logo has the ability to fold into itself, with a palette of blacks, greys and whites to focus on the technological aspect of the core business. Like the homeowner, the Ori brand speaks of sophisticated affordable interior design, making a strong statement with geometry and translucency. The Ori app, mirroring the brand’s foldable geometries, enables users to seamlessly transform their home Ori unit with the touch of a button. The same icons from the app also appear on the on-device interface, with intuitive arrows to guide the user to move the unit manually. The on-device interface, a seemingly stark black pyramid, comes to life with a motion sensor that lights the icons from underneath. Every bit of the digital experience of Ori is meant to feel like magic, at home or remotely.