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Off The Wall


Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Marc Samson
Design Type: Furniture Design
Company / Organization / School: Accademia Italiana, Rome, Italy
Website: http://www.cos-partnership.com

Off The Wall is a low cost furniture option even if its «look» is very modern and design. Its low cost comes from the fact that its single structure is covered by a stretchy fabric. Accordingly, it requires far less materials that current furniture. Eco-Friendly and less costly too! Where a hard surface is needed such as the cooking area and the snack-bar, a counter top is apply over the fabric or a metallic sheet is inserted between the structure and the fabric. In order to leave most walls free of furniture, the utilities (gas, electricity, water, drain, Internet cable...) are passing and hidden within the structure. For the waste water of the kitchen sink, a «Nova Box» is used. It pumps back the waste water to the main drain pipe. See illustrations for details. This concept can be applied to bedrooms, office space...!