2016 Galleries

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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Yves Behar - Founder and Principal Designer
Design Type: Brand Identity
Company / Organization / School: Viant
Website: http://fuseproject.com
Team Members: Kristine Arth, Anthony DeCosta, Brian Meyers, Lizzie Azzolino, Carter Millican

Viant is the new brand and public-facing corporate entity that emerged from the restructuring of a private holdings company. Before it was a public-facing brand, Viant was known as Interactive Media Holdings (IMH) - a parent company that owned a seemingly disconnected collection of brands. The brief was to identify a value proposition that connects the individual brands into one strong offering for potential advertisers, and create a cohesive brand identity for the new entity. With companies such as Myspace in their portfolio, we found that IMH had a unique strength: they could offer contextualized information about users, as well as the media placement itself, creating a fluid conversation between advertisers and consumers. We developed a brand out of this offering - naming it Viant to showcase its boldness. The logo includes arrows pointing up and down to symbolize the dialogue with consumers, and a period to add confidence. Every brand touchpoint was designed as an extension of these characteristics, from corporate collateral to their website design and voice.