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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Yunwoo Jeong - Prof.
Design Type: Baby-care product
Company / Organization / School: Disegno T9, UNIST & LG Electronics
Team Members: Jaehee Kim, Jungwoo Kim, Chajoong Kim & Youngwoo Park

Babyking is a premium baby crib type smart home appliance. For helping busy, immature parents in caring babies, this product is designed. Through target user researches, key pain points were organized and 4 main functions were defined. The key pain points are 1) Cannot focus on doing housework and provide steady caring 2) Having difficulty calming crying baby 3) Various baby products are required 4 main functions are 1) Autonomous moving system with in-wheel motors and sensors (camera sensor, infrared sensor, ultrasonic sensor) controlled by app. After home mastering, when the parents call BabyKing on the app, it moves by in-wheel motor with avoiding the obstacles through sensors. 2) Swinging function calming a crying baby and putting a baby to sleep. By adapting mechanisms of horse-riding-machine and baby swinger, it calms baby as mother’s hug. 3) Air-care function which provides fresh air to babies. Embedded fan and easy detachable filter purifies dirty air around baby. 4) Modularization to smart stroller and car seat. Only by attaching the handle stick, it turns to smart stroller with assistant mode. Car seat which fits to iso-fix standard offers safe trip. BabyKing is perfectly innovative gear over baby care market.