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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Design Team
Design Type: Babies / Kids
Company / Organization / School: Art Center College of Design
Website: http://www.jocelynma.com/
Team Members: Design Team: Jocelyn Ma, Siwei Wang

In 2012, the market research firm Mintel Group conducted a survey that concluded 77% of parents with children age four and under have more than one stroller. Unfortunately, these unneeded baby strollers often end up just collecting dust in the garage. Eventually they end up in landfills, and over time the toxins in the materials leach into the soil and groundwater and become environmental hazards. To solve these problems, the Unistrol baby stroller focuses on three main goals: reduce and reuse materials, reduce the shipping footprint and extend product life to create a sustainable product. Essentially, Unistrol is based on a environmentally friendly system that plans to improve the effective of usage on baby strollers. Unistrol has a multi-terrain capability that suits for parents with different lifestyle.The company has created a service system that allows customization for the baby stroller and even recycles the materials after the baby strollers are no longer used. Unistrol is a product that extends lifespan and improves baby stroller's quality from sustainable material in the multi-functional service system. Bringing awareness to the issue of environmental degradation, Unistrol believes saving the planet is within the society’s grasp. http://www.jocelynma.com & http://siweidesign.squarespace.com/