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Galleries // 2016 Spark:Spring Concept // Lytra Shower Prosthetic Leg

Lytra Shower Prosthetic Leg

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Harry Teng - Student
Design Type: Medical Device
Company / Organization / School: Art Center College of Design
Website: http://harry-teng.com

Lytra is an affordable prosthetic leg that allows below knee amputees to take shower freely and clean their residual limb safely. Approximately 185,000 new lower extremity amputations occur in the United States each year. More than a half of these are on people aged 50 and over. None of them can take shower as they wish. Due to its metal components, prosthesis that amputees wear everyday can not be carried with them to shower. So some of them jump or crawl to get showered, the rest of them, choose to avoid taking shower. By not taking shower the wound is getting worse. If they fail to adequately wash their residual limb, bacteria will infect the wound, even result in further amputation. With the support from Lytra, users are able to place their hands on the back piece for support and pull the residual limb out. So the bottom of the limb is exposed in air to get a full-decent wash.