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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Mojtaba Raeisi - Designer
Design Type: Drone
Company / Organization / School: TU Delft

ESS stands for Emergency Surgery Service and is a new service to start operating on injured people at the accident scene while taking them to the hospital. Inside the drone is equipped with robotic arms and medicines that are needed in an O.R. Meanwhile, real surgeons operate far away from the hospital using V.R. headsets and robot controller station. This technology would make the surgeons able to operate in a virtual room with different team members, even with surgeons from other hospitals or countries. ESS-Emerald is designed to be used in some conditions in which the patient needs emergency surgery to survive. In such a condition, the patient might not survive if common EMS ambulance is used. Also it could be used for surgeons who are willing to donate their time and proficiency to poor people whom are not near to receive help. The Patient inside the drone would have communications with surgeons and also a psychologist for mental care. Moreover, the stabilizer system keeps the hull away from shock and vibrations during surgery. This drone would add the high-tech technology to portable social health service and will enhance EMS concept to ESS.