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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Kwangmin Cho - NEST
Design Type: Stool
Company / Organization / School: OPENPLUS / atelab, UNIST
Team Members: Chajoong Kim & Yoonki Ahn

The number of people who live alone is getting bigger globally. As a result, the size of the houses is getting smaller, so that, people don’t want a huge furniture. They just need a small, multi-functional furniture. To reflect this, the heating stool suggests a way of saving the space and energy at the same time. Usually, heating appliances are seasonal products. It means they are taking up space even though they are not used like summer season. And also, the entire heating appliances are energy consuming compare to the local heating appliances. So, this product can be an answer as a stool and local heating appliance.