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Galleries // 2016 Spark:PROTO // Time Machine

Time Machine

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:PROTO
Designer: Carl Bass - CEO
Design Type: Concept
Company / Organization / School: Autodesk/LUNAR
Website: http://www.lunar.com
Team Members: Autodesk: Arthur Harsuvanakit and Lucas Prokopiak, LUNAR: Gerard Furbershaw and Jeff Smith

Time Machine is an unorthodox three-dimensional time telling design. Harkening back to older mechanical clocks, twelve rotating wings engage users as they each successively turn 180 degrees to denote five minute periods. Alternating between dark and light, the wings transform their colors and create a striking visual and visceral representation of time - analogous to daylight and nighttime of each day. To indicate hours, a ring of LED lights surrounds a hole in the center of the clock. Its growth into a twelve hour ring represents half-days appearing and disappearing around a mysterious void of nothingness, as the changing wings transform the color of the clock face every hour. Like five and sixty minute hourglasses, the wings visually and viscerally focus on how much time has passed and how much is left. Its three-dimensional machine-like design pays homage to the fascinating movements of mechanical clocks of the past. The twelve-hour light ring also works in similar fashion as it gathers each twelve hours into a ring of light before disappearing to start building a new ring. As it builds, it celebrates the arrival and opportunity of each new hour with a pulsating digital light show.