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Plant Diary

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Subin Kim - Designer
Design Type: IoT(Internet of Things) product
Company / Organization / School: UNIST
Website: http://ipd.unist.ac.kr/works/design-concepts/plant-diary/
Team Members: Sangsu Jang, James A. Self, Young-Woo Park

With increasing urban populations and reduced living spaces, the use of indoor plants is growing. Moreover, in busy urban lives the cultivation of pot-plants provides both physical home enrichment and psychological peace of mind. However, with the work and time pressures of an urban life, it is not always easy to manage the health of indoor plants. Through optimal humidity and temperature management, Plant Diary provides a design-driven solution through a smart, IoT approach. To achieve this, Plant Diary's sensor array is easily placed into the plant pot, cyclically providing information on plant humidity and temperature. This is then communicated to the Plant Diary application through the user’s smart device by Bluetooth connection. Based on the information received the application analyses the state of the plant, providing user prompts and notices: ‘water me’, change my solid’, ‘I need Nutrients’. Plant Diary's power is supplied through an eco-friendly solar panel charger. Once the user places the sensor into the charger, a magnet is connected and charging commences. In a design driven approach, Plant Diary's sensors provide a metaphoric and emotionally playful appeal. The base charger also references a more natural product personality through the innovative use of concrete materials.