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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Spring Product
Designer: HTC Design Team
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: HTC

Vive is a ground-breaking, room-scale virtual reality system that was developed in partnership by HTC and Valve Corporation. Vive enables users to interact as full-body players in virtual worlds, tracking their movements with sub-millimeter accuracy via a headset and controllers. Vive’s hardware and software provide a true sense of presence, enabling the user to believe that their physical self exists within a non-physical world, such as touring an undersea shipwreck, walking on the surface of another planet or repelling waves of attacking alien spaceships. Vive also acknowledges that people move—they’re not always passive at a desk or on a couch. Room-scale maneuverability means they can fully engage in virtual experiences using their entire bodies within a defined space. Years of nuanced research, in combination with a low-latency refresh rate, have resulted in virtual movement and teleportation without symptoms of simulator sickness that bedeviled VR in the past. Using its front-facing camera and Chaperone guidance software, the headset can reveal objects in a room as the user approaches them, keeping any real-world hazards in check. And when the physical world demands attention, essential notifications like calls and texts pop up in the virtual world to keep the participant connected.