2016 Galleries

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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Vince Ball - Vice President
Design Type: Headphones + Stereo Speakers
Company / Organization / School: Nytec Product Innovation Center
Website: http://www.nytec.com/
Team Members: James Tsai (Design Director), Malgorzata Blachnicka (Industrial Designer), Kevin Doan (Industrial Designer)

Audiowear is that it works in two listening modes –featuring on-ears headphones when placed over head, and speaker-mode when straightened. It gives user a sound feedback to confirm it reached the “opening angle” and listening mode was changes. When in speakers mode, it accommodates mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. Audiowear has also a space saving “rest” mode used for charging or carrying it in bag with other accessories. It comes back to this position automatically when taken off the head. Product is complemented by an inductive charging base. Audiowear connects with personal mobile devices via Bluetooth. It is equipped with custom dynamic driver speaker which changes frequency depending on the listening mode detected. Battery size allows to use the device for as long as 8 hours. Volume control can be managed by using simply touch-responsive UI as well as through tablet / smartphone. Core construction element is a thin metal profile rolled to maintain proper radius. It enables quick position change to switch listening modes. It does not require head support; it stays on the ear thanks to the tender tension inner metal piece creates. This enables eliminating typical size regulation from the band and simplify overall device construction.