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IBM Bluemix Availability Monitoring


Competition: Spark:Experience
Designer: Esteban PĂ©rez-Hemminger - Design Lead
Design Type: Software Application
Company / Organization / School: IBM
Team Members: Natalie Caudell, Visual Designer Nina Dang, UX Designer Lauren Goldstein, UX Designer Troy Bjerke, Design Researcher Jamie Skinner, Front-end dev Brenda Christopher, Offering Manager

Bluemix Availability Monitoring (BAM) allows developers to easily get insight into their application's health and performance, and makes the correlation between app performance and code changes an effortless experience. BAM helps DevOps teams ensure their applications are always available and meeting user expectations for response time as they roll out continuous updates. Traditional application monitoring tools force developers to undergo tedious manual configuration in order setup the tool in the infrastructure they own. BAM was designed to make this setup easy and to save time for users. For developers, this means less time fixing errors and more time doing what they love, building amazing apps.