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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Transport
Designer: Charles Bombardier - Founder, Imaginactive
Design Type: Aircraft
Company / Organization / School: Imaginactive
Website: http://imaginactive.org/
Team Members: Juam Garcia Mansilla, Senior Designer

In 2016 Imaginactive created the Skreemr en Antipode concepts. Both of them generated lots of comments online including feedback from scientists proposing new kinds of technology to address technical problems such as heat build up, cost, and practicality. That is how the Paradoxal came to be. The Paradoxal is a commercial hypersonic passenger aircraft concept capable of flying on a sub-orbital parabolic trajectory between distant parts of the globe within hours. It uses a Rotary Ramjet engine that converts to a rocket to reach suborbital altitudes. A line of counterflowing jets of air on the aircraft’s leading edges reduces heat and drag during the ascent and re-entry phases of the flight. The Paradoxal would thus be able to fly from Los Angeles to Sydney in less than 3 hours (7,585 miles) and make a gracious suborbital parabolic incursion into space for a fascinating view of the stars and earth from space. The Paradoxal aims to inspire designers, engineers and scientists in dreaming and building it in a not too distant future. The majority of the trip is exo-atmosphere on a ballistic trajectory, so it can also be perceived as an aircraft that mixes space tourism with business travel.