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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Kwangmin Cho
Design Type: Industry
Company / Organization / School: AIL. Co., Ltd. / UNIST
Team Members: Chajoong Kim/ Bongjo Jo / Yongjun Park

Machine’s purpose of using machine tools is for the high quality and mass production that human power can’t follow. That is what machine is meant to be. However, those convenient machine is sometimes unfamiliar to the people because of the size and form. Most of the heavy equipment’s price is incredibly expensive. So, for the cost down, they make the outer shape as simple as possible, which ends up with creating ugly and dull machine appearance. Although they believe machine tools have been designed in a user-friendly way but unfortunately, their design has been done not by designers and but by engineers. This means only a few things from engineers’ point of view have been taken into consideration in term of user-friendliness of machine tools. Therefore, our new design of AGH250V tried to radically improve the appearance and ease to use of the hobbing machine by breaking people’s common sense that heavy machines or equipment has little to do with aesthetics and ease to use. We added curvy shape and distinctive colors in order to escape heavy and dull feelings and to deliver soft and warm emotions to the user. Our focus was on the balance between aesthetics and usability.