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Galleries // 2017 Spark:Fall Concept // Tire Swing Water Pump

Tire Swing Water Pump

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Hoseong Yu
Design Type: Product
Company / Organization / School: Jeonju University
Team Members: Yeonjae Kim, Suin Kim, Chaeyeon Kim & Juyeon Kim

The current water pump is hard to use and not so interesting. The water pumps are allocated in various African countries, giving a big help to the residents. However, this cannot do anything but to pump up the water and even this pulled up water should go through purification process as it is not equipped with such function. One of the necessities in our life, drinking water should be obtained in an easy way. Pumping up the water and going through purification process requires a great deal of time and exposure to other pollutants. Therefore, it might not be drinkable after all. What is important here is to reduce pollution and time required for purifying the water as much as possible. Furthermore, pumping the water is a vital work for residents in Africa. To change this as a part of life instead of a simple labor or job, I have applied a playground equipment called swing. ’Tire swing pump’ is designed to bring more happiness to every person’s life in Africa.