2017 Galleries

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Galleries // 2017 Spark:Spring Concept // Felcana Helix

Felcana Helix

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Paul Scrase - Head of Experiential Design
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: Felcana & Precipice
Team Members: Precipice - Paul Scrase, Miles Hawley, Lee Twycross, Sarah Sanders, Rob Simpson, Penny Williams, Sam Gwilt. Felcana - James Andrews, Tom Blower, Edward White, Grace Nolan, Jessica Johnson

Felcana provides owners with real-time access to activity data so they know what their pet is doing, anytime, anywhere. Vets are also provided with an up-to-date history of a pet’s activity, and behaviours, enabling them to make earlier and more accurate diagnoses. Felcana’s eco-system consists of: Helix, an activity tracker that clips on to any collar; Micro-Location Beacons, which allow monitoring of behaviours such as eating, drinking and sleeping frequency; and the Felcana app, linking the whole system together, providing easy access to all the health insights. The Micro-Location Beacons measure how frequently pets behave in key ways. By establishing a baseline for individual animals, Felcana can predict expected trends. When this changes, or the data trends differ from what is expected, Felcana alerts owners that there may be a health problem e.g. increased drinking visits can be a sign of diseases including diabetes and hypothyroidism. Felcana also provides insight at a highly granular level. The feature detection system, which is able to identify what the pet is doing (running, jumping, or even scratching), is more advanced than any current monitors, enabling better understanding of a pet’s overall health, detecting the early-signs of diseases such as arthritis.