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Galleries // 2017 Spark:Fall Concept // Dr. Loupe: Iris Recognition Eyewear

Dr. Loupe: Iris Recognition Eyewear

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Eui Chul Jung
Design Type: Concept Design
Company / Organization / School: Seoul National University
Website: hcidlab.com
Team Members: JiHee Cho (UX/GUI/Animation Design), KiCheol Pak (3D Design), Meile Le (3D Modeling/Animation), Huile Gao (3D Modeling), Chingwei Liu (UX Design), JeongSub Lim (Research)

Accurate diagnosis, prompt treatment, identification, and information recording of emergency patients at the scene of the accident are directly related to the patient's life. To save the patients’ life, first, Dr. Loupe increase the reliability of the diagnosis in an emergency through iris recognition and image analysis. Second, it integrates diverse tools used in emergency procedures and reduces the possibility of errors. Third, as an IoT device, it automatically stores initial diagnostic records and interoperates with databases built for public purposes. Dr. Loupe is designed through three concept keywords: Confidence, Unification, Synchronization. When transferring the patient to the hospital, the roles of the additionally designed cradle are as follows: First, it functions as a chart that allows the medical staffs to view and confirm patient's record. Second, further diagnosis can be made when needed so that the medical staffs can check the changes in the patient's condition. Third, the device can be charged through the cradle.