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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: National Taipei University of Technology
Team Members: I-Nung Huang

Problem: Buckets is common in daily life cleaning kit,But now the bucket design is limited by the dimensions of the tank could not be easier to use.This problem causes the water in the process,Can only change bucket angle can be taken out of the tank,Angle change is easy to let the water overflow from the bucket,Water resources waste and dangerous problems caused by slippery floors. Feature: According to the problems we have designed WATHIELD,In addition,we hope that a new design appeared,users do not need to readjust product.So we analyze the original bucket use,without changing the user’s habits of adding automatic document structure design.Through this structure,when excessive force are no longer because the bucket changing the angle,or over flow from the bucket of water reducing the waste of water resources.