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Air hoshi

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Gyeong-Min PARK
Design Type: Product (Dehumidifier)
Company / Organization / School: Hanyang University
Team Members: Ji-Soo YOON / So-Eun PARK / Hye-Mi BAE / Jong-Ha YOON

This dehumidifier has a fumigant function, so it has both dehumidifying function and sterilizing function. This product is installed beside the door, which is the passageway where the moisture of the bathroom mainly moves. The product sucks up the moisture of the bathroom through the gap on the side of the product. The water tank at the bottom can be combined with a fumigant capsule, and the fumigant smoke comes to the top through the product. When the fumigant comes out, users can close the bathroom door and remove the fumigant after 90 minutes. Disinfection with fumigant is done once a month and the LED display of the product shows the disinfection cycle. It has an image of breathing through the air with a motive in the tree, and circulates the collected water so that it has a beneficial effect on human life. Inspired by the wooden shape, it gives feeling like breathing trees for users. This product will create a safe bathroom environment for atopic dermatitis through dehumidification and sterilization.