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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Mengyuan Qi
Design Type: Concept Product
Company / Organization / School: Art Center College of Design
Website: http://moonqi.com

Napac is designed for long distance travel in crowded mega cities, and it allows travelers to comfortably rest in a constricted, moving environment. The product includes a backpack, neck pillow, sleeping mask, sitting pad, and retractable belt. 1. Since the number of seats on the train is limited, many people have to sit on their luggages or bring foldable chairs. Napac can easily shift into a seat by fastening the retractable belt and releasing the sitting pad. Users can lean on the backpack while the belt helps them retain a curled position. 2. The two pockets on Napac allow Hard Seat Passengers to hug the bag as they sleep. The adjustable airbag neck pillow provides head and chin support to reduce soreness. There is also a small strap for eyewear. 3. People who fall asleep have a difficult time safeguarding their things. Napac’s main material is Pack Cloth, which is abrasion resistance and puncture resistance. Holding the bag as they sleep makes passengers feel more secure about their property. 4. Lighting is usually bright inside the trains. Some people feel uneasy about others looking at them while they sleep. The adjustable sleeping mask offers privacy within a noisy public environment.