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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Chun-Jui Chiu - Design Director
Design Type: Interior design: Commericial
Company / Organization / School: Taiwan DAE International Design Career Company
Website: http://www.qiuchunrui.com.cn
Team Members: Chun-Jui Chui

The designer does not pursue gorgeousness, aiming to reflect the communication between human and nature, to build a soul habitat for modernist. The tea house takes plain colors as the dominant. The rough blue flagstone and wood floor with living surface are thick and smooth, seemly across the time traces, bringing a grand and magnificent momentum to the whole space. The tea house interprets the beauty of Chinese style with a unique pattern. The designer mixtures the sense of modernness with the oriental zen, making the space become an elegant tea tasting space. “Tea” is needed for the soft decoration, integrating the sense of space. In the meanwhile, the space experience is forward extended. The tea house is divided into half transparent spaces with wood grid. Sitting in the private room and tasting tea, you will feel cool if your mind is calm. Its complexity and containment endow infinite imaginary to the space, presenting delicate space atmosphere and compact space sense.