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Safe IV

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Il Kim
Design Type: Health Design
Company / Organization / School: KDM / Chosun University
Team Members: Il Kim & Seonik Kim

Patients spend life and move around with linger for most of the day. If a patient makes an abrupt large movement, the needle fixed on the arm may sometimes be pulled off. Along with pain, the patient will have anxiety that such happening may occur again in the future accompanied by reduced movements and sensitized nerves. Concerning the problems in such particular situations, Safe Iv uses the principle of magnet to prevent the needle from being pulled off the patient’s arm even when a large movement occurs, by having the solution bag and the solution set attached/detached. Through this, patients’ pain and anxiety are alleviated, and the users are allowed to maintain active routines helping patients’ health improvement. Unlike the existing IV products, Safe IV has been made with focus on patients, and is safe as well as practical. It can be used by not only children with much activity but also users of all ages.