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Galleries // 2018 Spark:Digital // IBM Immersive Insights

IBM Immersive Insights

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Digital
Designer: David Townsend - Design Manager
Design Type: Augmented Reality Tool
Company / Organization / School: IBM
Team Members: David Townsend, Alfredo Ruiz, Ben Resnick, Jenna Goldberg, Christian Fritsche, Dimitri Hoffmann, Jan Hassel, Eddie Rietz, Thomas Grikschas & Linda Webber

IBM Immersive Insights is a data exploration tool that uses AR technology to help users explore their data and communicate findings in new ways. The AR technology takes data visualizations to a new level, making data exploration a more multi-faceted, collaborative process. AR allows users to view their data in 3D, creating more powerful visuals and thus new opportunities for users to make findings in their data that 2D visuals would not present. By visualizing data in 3D and viewing data from new angles and perspectives, data scientists can identify key patterns, relationships, and outliers in seconds, where it would normally take hours of work. This is one of the first projects to be exploring the AR space for data and enterprise use, as well as how to design for these uses. Designing for Augmented Reality is a unique challenge as this technology is in a young stage and fast evolving, and designing for a technology that is so underdeveloped is not an easy task. The designers faced a unique challenge of creating their own design rules and guidelines for the design as there was very little precedent for the type of design work they were doing.