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Galleries // 2018 Spark:Fall Concept // One-handed Tools

One-handed Tools

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Jang Yejin
Design Type: Tools
Company / Organization / School: Korean Design Membership
Team Members: Jang Yejin Daegu University & Lim Chahee, Yeungnum University

Almost tools are complex and dangerous. People have used many kinds of tools to match various shape other nails. And It even makes people hurt sometimes while people hammer to nails. [Problem] The problem of hammering-When you hit with a hammer several times, you hit your finger. It sometimes hurt you. Many kinds of screwdriver-There are two types of screwdriver (plus/minus). And they are graded according to size. [Solution] The spherical shape inside it moves up and down, changing the type of tool and operating the tool. [Design point] Polygon shape to no slipping. A transparent nail holder. A transparent material make people can the spherical shape’s movement.