2018 Galleries

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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Fall Product
Designer: Kirt Martin - Vice President, Design and Marketing, Landscape Forms
Design Type: Outdoor commercial furniture
Company / Organization / School: Landscape Forms
Website: http://landscapeforms.com
Team Members: Kirt Martin, Landscape Forms. Arcadia & KEM Studio

Outdoor Meeting Rooms. Outdoor Classrooms. Upfit expands the use of the outdoors by transforming overlooked, underused space into purposeful place designed for a variety of activities. Upfit is an adaptive structure with a sleek, modern style and endless flexibility to create intentional outdoor environments. It provides shelter from the elements, power, light, technology display, surfaces-all the things people need to learn, live, work, and relax outdoors. Upfit makes place relevant, useful, and enjoyable...at a portion of the cost of indoor real estate. Creating outdoor structures typically means creating custom solutions that require significant time and resources dedicated to engineering, code compliance, and project management. Upfit has taken the complexity out of designing outdoor structures with a turnkey solution that lets you do what you do best and lets Landscape Forms handle the rest. Upfit is an off-the-shelf outdoor system that frees you to create a solution tailored to your client's needs and project site. A simple-to-design, high-quality, expertly engineered, already tooled, beautifully designed system that makes outdoor spaces come alive.