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Galleries // 2018 Spark:Fall Concept // Oro Plume Wheelchair

Oro Plume Wheelchair

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Yunwoo Jeong
Design Type: Wheelchair
Company / Organization / School: DisegnoT9 / UNIST
Team Members: Yunwoo Jeong, Kyohwe Goo, Jinhee Cha, Choeun Park & Jeongmoo Lee

Oro Plume is a lightweight motor-assisted wheelchair that cares for the users appearance and practicality. The use of graphene helps it to be light and sophisticated even though it has two motors and a battery. Oro Plume has a foldable structure that can be stowed away neatly in a carrier bag for long journeys. This is made possible using relatively flat surfaces for folding and stacking but distinctiveness is maintained by using angular form outlines. The choice of distinct angles, material and color helps Oro Plume to have a premium air for anyone using it. The in-wheel-motors add additional rotational force to the wheel when the ECU senses user input to the wheel. The strength of support can be variable or turned off, depending on user’s situation. A small bag is located underneath the main frame for convenience. Oro Plume not only looks distinctive and fresh, but also have additional features that help user’s daily lifestyle.