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For You

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Lee Jieun
Design Type: PRODUCT DESIGN _ Smart Home devices
Company / Organization / School: Kongju National University

As the number of single households increases, interest in skin care is increasing as value-oriented consumption for individuals. Skin is basically affected externally. However, there are problems that most people have with poor countermeasures and trouble getting information. By combining the most accessible ICT technology in the home for skin care with a single person household, an easy home care unit "FORYOU" is proposed in a home with a basic care that suits the taste. FORYOU' offers an external environment-friendly skin care method through the ICT display and provides easy information with an intuitive interface. It has built-in refrigeration facilities for safe use and optimal skin care of basic care products, and can be easily opened and closed when lightly pressed using push-open method. In addition, the center focused on utilizing space by providing efficient storage space for users and providing a mirror-induced storage system and consumables.