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Galleries // 2018 Spark:Fall Concept // $100 Library

$100 Library

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Yedam Ryu - Designer
Design Type: Prefabricated library for Africa
Company / Organization / School: UNIST
Website: http://iidl.unist.ac.kr
Team Members: Yedam Ryu, Malika Gabbas & KwanMyung Kim

There are countless African villages inaccessible to education. There have been efforts for building libraries by donors or organizations. However, the number doesn’t satisfy the needs of billions of African children, because of long time to build and lack of finance. There should be an innovative way to shorten the time and overcome the finance problem. ‘$100 library’ is a prefabricated library designed to quickly spread across Africa with low production cost. $100 is enough to produce all parts needed to assemble one library. These are packed in a 1x1x1.5m box, so they can be easily delivered anywhere in Africa by a small truck. As assembling is very easy, it can be assembled by inserting, turning and hanging by hands without tools. Even without an assembly manual, it is easy to figure out where to assemble the parts, because their color and shape indicate where they should be. Because of these features, any two persons can build this library in two hours. As a core of local education, it will promote reading and naturally improve their literacy level. $100 libraries will be the first step for Africa to make a new leap forward sustainable education.