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Galleries // 2018 Spark:Engineering // HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers

HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Engineering
Designer: HP Global Experience Design Team
Design Type: 3D Printer
Company / Organization / School: HP Imaging & Printing
Team Members: HP Imaging & Printing

HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers are designed for small-to-medium sized development teams, design firms, universities, and similar businesses to be a complete, automated system that streamlines 3D printing. The printers can be operated directly by designers, engineers, architects, essentially any creator. The new line of 3D printers includes 2 models that are the industry’s first full-color plastic printers. The new 3D printers make it possible to prototype and produce parts with the same 3D printer while using a range of engineering-grade thermoplastic materials from sealed, easy-to-handle containers for a clean operating environment. The earth-friendly printers automatically remove excess print material from print jobs, reclaiming the material for use during the next print process. Ease-of-use is paramount, as the creator can easily operate the printer, guided by an 8-inch color touch display with animated step-by-step tutorials and LED wayfinding indicators that direct the operators to zones for maintenance tasks. According to the development team, the task was to allow “any person in designer or creator-type role to just walk up and use the machine.” Website: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/printers/3d-printers.html