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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Malika Gabbas - Designer
Design Type: Physical exercise device
Company / Organization / School: The Balance Korea, UNIST
Website: http://iidl.unist.ac.kr
Team Members: Malika Gabbas & KwanMyung Kim

Generally, it is hard to teach and practice correct stances. Due to the complexity of teaching Seogi, Taekwondo masters used to exploit wooden bricks to train students as a support for stretching foot muscles. However, this approach is inconvenient and the way of training Seogi has not been standardized yet. Anybaro uses human biomechanical system to effectively stretch and strengthen upper and lower body muscles. Just standing on inclined foot plate alone will put pressure on calves and hamstring naturally. This is three times more effective than training on level surface. By stretching down on inclined surface, upper body muscles connected to hamstring are strengthened. Anybaro can be adjusted according to user’s ability. There are three main levels of difficulty: outermost, middle, and innermost support. Anybaro is compact, lightweight and ergonomically-designed. It is also easy to store, both at home and at gym facilities. Colors of Anybaro are inspired by Taekwondo belts, ranging from white to black, which represent various levels of rank. The main color of Anybaro is black, while circular covers are painted as white, yellow, green, blue, and red. Users can replace circular covers, as they improve upon their Taekwondo skills.