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Galleries // 2018 Spark:Space // Feast of the Valley

Feast of the Valley

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Chia-Yen Hung - Design Director
Design Type: Interior design: Commericial
Company / Organization / School: Sky eye league
Website: http://www.ink-dog.com/clear-inkstone/
Team Members: Chia Yen Hung, Ya Hui Yang & Yao Wen Hu

When we viewing the original space before we started to design, we found so many beams and columns strewn around the space. There are more restrictions on the line planning. Beams and columns are associated with forest.We tried to used mountain,tree,water,stone as the design concept without moving and dismantling structure. We rationalization of the presence of beams and columns.And we converted it into the actual needs of space. The interlacing trunks echoing the concept of interior space.With the change of day and night,resonates in harmony with the environment.The interior material texture because of the different light and produce different looks. We used pieces of iron and wooden materials to shaping the high and low gables indoors.They are close to the tree column as a seating area segment.Tree trunks branches column extends to the ceiling of black paint treatment.It’s like trees extending to the horizon.The glow-ing round hole in the gable like sunset.People have the illusion of sitting in the mountains dining. When you see the pool and the reception of terrazzo at the entrance.You will feel like into a beautiful forest.Turned and saw the huge stairs like a small hill.