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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: SangYoon Kim - Designer
Design Type: Marine Welding Robot
Company / Organization / School: UNIST
Website: http://iidl.unist.ac.kr
Team Members: SangYoon Kim & KwanMyung Kim

Today, various ocean constructions such as marine cities, bridges, sea cable structures, and oil drilling facilities are being built every day. To construct these structures, divers must enter the deep sea and weld steel frames. The working condition under the sea is fatally dangerous. Due to unexpected tide, high pressure, electric shock and explosion, it is reported that 30 accidents occur per 200 sea water welding cases. Regardless of all efforts, it is almost impossible to achieve zero fatalities unless the human divers are substituted by robots. We designed MWR, which is a transformable robot, to save underwater welding workers. This robot has three camera-light units, three legs, and one welding and two auxiliary arms. The three propellers enable the robot to move to any direction easily. The power is supplied through the cable connected the tail of the robot. The operator above the sea can easily control the robot and monitor the working status through VR glasses connected to the three cameras. MWR will not only save welding divers but also make much progress in the area of ocean construction.