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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Dahae Lee
Design Type: Electronics
Company / Organization / School: Yeungnam University/KDM
Team Members: Dahae Lee

The TAMPERE is an air circulator with the "Sauna" function that warms space through steam heat. The product can rapidly increase the temperature and humidity of space through the oriented winds of the circulator without using a large amount of steam heat. Typical functions of Tampere are general air circulation function and sauna function. Additionally, it has wind directional and rotational functions, and time-booking functions. The display shows the residual and current temperature of the water, and, when using the general air circulation function and sauna functions, the display can be operated to set the wind volume or desired temperature. The handle of the product is constructed in a frame format that not only allows convenient movement but also allows the feel of furniture to be felt, and has a separate filter on the back of the product that filters dust. At the bottom of the back of the product is a 1.8-liter water filling drawer that can charge water.