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Table Dancers

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Yingli Zhang
Design Type: Concept, Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Hebei University of Technology
Team Members: Yingli Zhang, Yang Pei, Xu Hongxin, Wang Junyao, Lou Zihan, Wang Mengqi, Zhang Ruiying, Li Ruotong, Zhao Congcong, Bai Mufan & Ma Zhushan

This product consists of a series of stationeries which is inspired by a dancer wearing red shoes. The stationeries include a paper cutter, a pair of compass, a rubber and a tape measure. The paper cutter is inspired by a skater skating on paper, and the compass is inspired by a ballet dancer who stands on tiptoe and spins round and round. The rubber has three layers, from skin to flesh to bone marrow, and users can experience the changes of the three layers while using. Actually, the leg-shaped part, the rubber, can be replaced with a new one after it is used up while the shoe-shaped part can be used as a groove to hold the rubber. The tape measure is pulled out from the barrel part of the shoe as if it is an elegant and slim leg. Users can even feel the joy even when they are doing over-complicated drawing work through "table dancers".


"extremely poetic and elevating, this project does remind us of how the most necessary things/details are sometimes the most useless. Of course if our point is living - which should be the case - and not just surviving." Elena Raho, www.herecreate.com