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Nature Steps

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Joonyeon Cho
Design Type: Product/furniture
Company / Organization / School: Royal College of Art
Team Members: Joonyeon Cho & Song A Lee

Sedentary lifestyle is a major health issue, affecting significant proportion of the population. Nature Steps is the most aesthetic, engaging and effective way to stay active. The reflexology-tiles are made from variety of natural materials to stimulate your barefoot, incentivizing movement with different colors, textures and temperatures. Internal airbags create a walking-like motion for user to subconsciously move or find balance, increasing core muscle activity and lower body motion. Together, Nature Steps deliver continuous physical and sensorial stimulation to move, providing a bases for constant motion preventing any static postures. Nature Steps motion flooring provides a great alternative to prolonged sitting and static standing in offices and homes.


Earl Gee— "This inventive solution utilizes an appropriately Buckminister Fuller-esque geometry to enable organic, multi-directional movement to keep users moving at work."