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Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Robin Delaere - MR
Design Type: Residential & office furniture, furnishings, Outdoor furniture
Company / Organization / School: Parklife
Website: www.robindelaere.com
Team Members: Robin Delaere

FIELDS is a multi functional outdoor sun lounger. It can be used as a regular sun lounger and can easily be transformed into a sofa, simply by flipping up the backrests and installing the backrest cushions. No screws or complicated fixations, simply flip up the backrests and enjoy! Great for people with small outdoor spaces. Enjoy the sunshine during the daytime and use the sofa with friends and family at night. You can also create a sofa/lounger by only flipping up 2 backrests while still using the reclining back of the sun lounger. The product also has small wheels at one end for easy handling. Use it as a sun lounger during the daytime or use it as a comfortable sofa at night together with friends or family! Unique in the outdoor furniture landscape.