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Galleries // 2019 Spark:Product // Wooden Cutting Board Sterilizer

Wooden Cutting Board Sterilizer


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Jinseong Lim - Wooden Cutting Board Sterilizer
Design Type: Industrial Design
Company / Organization / School: Gowell Corp.
Website: http://www.gowellkorea.co.kr
Team Members: Jinseong Lim, Giung Kim, Jioyung Kim, Soomin Hwang & Sunae Jang

Generally, In kitchen, the wooden cutting boards are the best tools commonly used for cooking. However, After cleaning the wooden cutting boards, it takes often its course on kitchen. This is natural, seems okay. Unfortunately, These actions ultimately create a critical environment in which germs multiply on the cutting board. For your family, everyone, To prevent disaster like infection, stench and, all threat from germs, This UV wooden cutting board sterilizer is able to kill all germ about 99.9% is indispensable tools in kitchen. Highly safe and efficient structure due to no leakage of light with closed structure. Therefore, it is safe and cleanly sterilized, easy to use for storage. To irradiate UV lamps on a large area as a whole without discriminating the front and back of the board. It is possible to sterilize more surely than other board sterilizers that sterilize only the one side surface. As there is a step between the tray supporting the cutting board and the cutting board, UV light is spread on the side surface without blind spot. Then, all area is sterilized.