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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Gyu Hyung Han
Design Type: smart crib
Company / Organization / School: Incheon National University
Team Members: Gyu Hyung Han, Yoon Jeong Na, Da Hee Lee & Seok Ran Jeon

Many babies have lived indoors to avoid fine dust. However, fine dust enters the room through various routes. Also, harmful gases from homes threaten babies. Therefore, a solution has to need for babies who are very vulnerable to fine dust and harmful gas. 'cuddle' is a smart crib combined with a humidifier and air purifier. It supplies fresh air to the baby preferentially. Also, the smart crib controls an optimal humidity and temperature for the baby's sleep. 'cuddle' also helps to create a suitable environment for babies with temperature and humidity. And it induces a baby's sound sleep through white noise generated by the air purifier.


Earl Gee— "An imaginative evolution of the traditional crib, incorporating innovative new technology to enhance health, safety, and security. The splayed wood legs add stability and personality to the product."

Lisa Sullivan— "High levels of micro dust particles plague many cities throughout Asia. What we liked about this design, and what made it emerge as a top contender, was the elegant solution to this vexing problem. A baby’s little lungs can get relief as he or she sleeps in the lovely mesh surround that serves as an enclosure for the sleek crib design. We were moved by all the design solutions that attempted to grapple with the effects of climate change in the near environment, but found this solution quite compelling, as it is sturdy, well-designed and practical."

Jochen Backs— "Well executed form transitions and detail design applicable for a baby product."