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Galleries // 2019 Spark:Space // A Box of Happiness

A Box of Happiness

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Botta Lai
Design Type: Architecture; Residential
Company / Organization / School: Scale Art Design Co.,Ltd.
Team Members: Botta Lai

Here is the old villa, standing in the center of this city, witnessing two decades of wear and tear. After the deconstruction, mending, and reconstruction, it throughout breaks its original structures, and wakes up with the blooming vigor and vitality, forming the unique and distinct architectural styles. The overall outlets of this villa are clear and natty. The main part is composed of white walls and original teakwood, with floor-to-ceiling glass breaking limits of the space. When the light and shadows scattering into the room, various scenes in four diversified seasons are leaping indoors, echoing the sounds of rain and wind. The atrium stretches across the whole space, starting from the allocation to make the areal division more reasonable, and pursue the balance between the sense of beauty and practical functions. The first floor balances the living room and dining room, connecting an outdoor garden. Hence, holographic and artistic living space with water, sunlight and daily lives is fully created. The stairs made by original wood go along the atrium, stretching to the courtyard, acting like the evergreen tree of lives, bringing harmony of lives and nature to us.