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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Sunhee Back
Design Type: Health & Medical, Product & industrial, Health,Medical,Product
Company / Organization / School: Hanbat University
Team Members: Sunhee Back & TakHyunjae

It is an insulin pump for children with diabetes. The shape of the pump is a butterfly that is familiar to children. And earring is a shape of flower associated with butterfly. It is used by separating the earring from the pump. Attach the pump and earring to the abdomen and earlobes. the earring makse sounds according to the timing of the injection. After that, inject by pressing the switch. Earrings used reverse ion osmotic principles to measure blood sugar without extracting blood. and sound of earring is transmitted through bone conduction. IN-BLOSSOM can be used in the long term by inserting insulin into the main body and charging it.