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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Jinhyuk Lim
Design Type: Transportation & Mobility
Company / Organization / School: Catholic University of Daegu
Team Members: Jinhyuk Lim, Youngbok Song & Jinkyu Jang

The safety of your car is from Ornn. Ornn is a means of transportation that reduces the risk of accidents and better protects vehicles by changing the loading method in existing car carriers. It lowered the height by tilting the vehicle, not by loading it in second tier. When the vehicle is involved in an accident, a second-stage vehicle can pop out and cause a second accident. Ornn protects vehicles and drivers from these dangers. The modularity of the vehicles also allows the vehicle to be scaled flexibly by the number of vehicles. Modularized, many vehicles can be loaded and fuel economy can be improved when there are fewer vehicles. And Modular methods protect against the risk of external opening rather than the existing car carriers.