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COLONS Brand Identity


Competition: Spark:Graphic
Designer: Byoengchan Oh - CDO
Design Type: Brand Identity
Company / Organization / School: COLONS Co., LTD
Team Members: Chihyun Son, Jeonghyeon Nam

COLONS is a luxury eyewear brand. COLONS has been inspired by the moments that time and space make. Our purpose is to present people the most beautiful moments COLONS has found. The brand name stems from the colon(:), the symbol logo stems from shape of hour and minute hand. COLONS' fonts and patterns are visualized using twelve angles of the clock index. These indexes are used for express a 'time lock' on the front of eyewears. The 'time lock' refers to a specific time, which is the name of the eyewears like 07:25. COLONS' identity is also organically linked to the delivery system, all office tools, marketing ads, and visuals.