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[ka:m] Inner Self App

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Huigyeong Seo
Design Type: Digital
Company / Organization / School: Kyungil University
Team Members: Huigyeong Seo, Jiyeon Bae, Cherim Park & Faculty Advisor Jisun An

In Korea, the No. 1 cause of suicide among middle & high school students is academic stress from school grades and records. Due to Korea's preval?ent academic elitism, over 80% of high school graduates are entering universities. Korea's competition based on relative eval?uation in entrance examinations and its side effects result in university students and new university graduates being unable to establish proper ego identities. Consequently, when they are compared to others their opportunity for introspection is taken away. Accordingly, our team designed the Journal Therapy app to provide the process of introspection in to the question ‘Who am I?’ to enable users to properly establish their ego identity that was not formed properly during their adolescence and the app also enables continuous introspection to recover the users low self-esteem. This app examines user’s mental state such as levels of stress and self-esteem through a ‘Test’ menu and enables self-introspection through customized journals, such as “Letters Not Meant to be Sent Journal” and “Face Description Journal” Also, and professional therapy is possible through a ‘Counselling’ menu.


Earl Gee— "A thoughtful solution which addresses a sensitive, difficult, yet important problem; the kind of serious societal issues design thinking was meant to solve."

Jochen Backs— "High regards to trying to address and improve one of the most difficult problems we face in many societies. This App received the highest remarks among all entries."