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WCG 2019 Xi'an Event Identity

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Experience
Designer: Ashley Jung - CEO
Design Type: Advertising & Branding
Company / Organization / School: Eidetic marketing
Website: http://www.eideticmarketing.com
Team Members: Ashley Jung, Justin Choi, Kimmi Kim, Olivia Shin, Ella Choi, Jed Jung, Joanna Seok, Vicky Jin, Jessica Choi, Han Gao, Scott Shin, Kevin Ham, Jay Lee & Chris

WCG has a storied past, beginning in 2000 in with a small tournament in South Korea. Soon, the event grew, and seized the minds and hearts of international esports fans from around the world, until its sudden disappearance in 2013. Now, WCG is back, and it has brought with it a new logo. The WCG core values are New, Engagement, Healing, Future, Challenge, and Camaraderie. The new logo, the WCG Cube, integrates these six core values into its design, as the 6 sides of the cube, as well as the colors that make up the deconstructed letter pattern. The cube motif is then localized by deconstructing Chinese characters the most accurately portray these core value meanings and reconstructing them along the outline of the logo. This cube motif is used through the communication design of the event, through patterns that are integrated through printed materials, merchandise, awards, and more.