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Halo Sport 2


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Mardis Bagley - Halo Sport 2
Design Type: Fitness, Outdoor & Sporting Goods
Company / Organization / School: Nonfiction
Website: http://www.nonfiction.design
Team Members: Mardis Bagley, Phnam Bagley, Tyson Mai, Halo Neuroscience: Dr. Brett Wingeier, Dr. Daniel Chao, Ian Shain, Doug Jeffery & Andy Slopsema

Everyone wants their brain and body to work better. Halo Sport2 helps your neurons fire together, accelerating skill acquisition. This means athletes and musicians all over the world are reaching goals faster than they ever thought possible. Scientific neurostimulation is normally practiced in laboratories with wires, sponges, and measuring tapes. Our goal was to create a portable, consumer-level neurostimulator that lives outside of the laboratory and advances human potential for everyone. We identified a natural overlap between our core user’s lifestyle, the relevant brain targets and a unique headphone form factor. Unique challenges to the design of Sport2 were comfort, contact to the head for stimulation and ease of use. The stimulators are designed with a soft foam that combs through hair and gently touches the user’s scalp. The stimulators are designed into a single magnetic “bridge” with alignment features for intuitive removal and cleaning. Users can also remove the stimulators for a more leisurely listening experience. The roots of the company are in medical neurostimulation devices, and clinical trials of Halo Sport 2 have begun in applications such as stroke and rehabilitation. A usable therapy from a compelling device is an effective therapy.