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IBM Aspera on Cloud


Competition: Spark:Digital
Designer: Scott Robinson - Design Manager
Design Type: User Experience
Company / Organization / School: IBM
Team Members: Scott Robinson, Nehal Molasaria, Charles Mitchell, Cristine Song & Casey Geaney

IBM Aspera on Cloud provides extremely fast file transfer in an easy to use SaaS product. At the core of all Aspera products is a patented protocol which ensures the highest performance data transfer over common public networks. For nearly 20 years, Aspera products have been the industry standard for file transfer technology, particularly in media and entertainment. With IBM Aspera on Cloud, users can take advantage of this powerful technology to move any data, anywhere in the world from an easily accessible web application.  Key capabilities includes: Central high-speed file sharing repository through a collaboration tool interface that allows upload, download, share-link generation, and file management across cloud and hybrid cloud environments.  Global package sending using an email-like format to rapidly send a file (or group of files) to one or more recipients.  Powerful workflow automation to schedule recurring transfers based a variety of event-based triggers, including API calls. Workflows are easily designed using a simple drag and drop GUI.  Detailed, real-time monitoring of all transfers, user actions, and application activity that can be viewed in-browser, or exported as custom reports.  Complete administrative control of applications, storage nodes, and workgroup management.