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Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Kristof De Bock
Design Type: Lighting
Company / Organization / School: El Decora International
Website: http://www.daseinproducts.com
Team Members: Kristof De Bock

The initial idea was to get rid of the standard standing or hanging position of a lamp. I was looking for a new starting point and let the form of the product start from there. This lamp is tensed between ceiling and floor but is still easy to move. 1. The vertical support is made of Ayous. It has no fragile ‘buttons’ and is quit flexible. 2. The cylindrical part is made of plywood (polish pine). Thirteen round pieces of 18mm thick are cut and glued together, sandpapered, polished and then treated with varnish. The height can be adjusted by loosening the metal button on the back. 3. A bulb with a mirror top gives the best result. It shines not to hard and it illuminates the inside nicely.